December 1, 2020

Marches Ecosystem Assessment

Author: Oliver Hölzinger (CEEP)

Client: Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin Local Nature Partnership

Published: June 2016


The Marches Ecosystem Assessment is an assessment of the Natural Capital and ecosystem services value in Herefordshire, Shropshire & Telford and Wrekin. To get a better understanding of nature’s benefits to people’s wellbeing in The Marches an Ecosystem Assessment has been undertaken revealing the value especially for those benefits that don’t have a market price and are therefore often undervalued or taken for granted. The research revealed that Natural Capital in The Marches provides services worth £13.6 billion, stating the central estimate. This figure is based on the carbon stock value (£7.2b) and the capitalised ecosystem service flow value (£6.4b). It is very important to acknowledge that this is a baseline value and only covers some elements of the total value of Natural Capital excluding for example the value of food.

In addition to the main report which includes an executive summary also audience-specific evidence summaries for healthy professionals and business  representatives were produced.


Marches Ecosystem Assessment – Full Report (pdf, 3.1mb)

Marches Ecosystem Assessment – Evidence Summary for Businesses (pdf, 0.9mb)

Marches Ecosystem Assessment – Evidence Summary for Health Professionals (pdf, 0.7mb)