October 22, 2019

Welcome to CEEP

CEEP is a research consultancy specialised in revealing the true value of nature and implementing such environmental values into policy tools and decision-making processes. Services include monetary valuation such as Natural Capital Accounting (NCA) as well as non-monetary valuation such as for example with the Natural Capital Planning Tool (NCPT) developed by CEEP.

Pressing issues like mental health problems, obesity and poor air quality cannot be tackled without well-functioning and well managed green infrastructure – our Natural Capital. Multifunctional and well connected green infrastructure can help to tackle all of these issues and therefore make life of many people better and at the same time increase productivity and save billions of pounds in healthcare costs. There is a good reason why the Government made a commitment to ‘environmental net-gain’ and CEEP can help you to implement this policy into practice.

The goods and services nature provide are crucial to our human health and wellbeing as well as economic prosperity but constantly undervalued or neglected in policy- and decision-making.

Not accurately taking the true value of nature into account when making decisions can resulting in a significant decline in Natural Capital and the ecosystem services it provides such as space for recreation, air quality regulation, climate regulation and water quality regulation; all including their associated health and wellbeing benefits and underpinned by biodiversity.

CEEP can help you to identify the Natural Capital and ecosystem services that are most important to you and your policy goals, reveal the true value of these assets and services, and advice you on how to effectively and efficiently implement such environmental values into everyday decision-making –  benefiting people, wildlife and the economy.


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