December 1, 2020

UK National Ecosystem Assessment Follow-On (NEAFO): Tools – Applications, Benefits and Linkages for Ecosystem Science (TABLES)

Authors: Alister Scott (Birmingham City University), Claudia Carter (Birmingham City University), Oliver Hölzinger (CEEP), Mark Everard (Pundamilia Ltd.), David Rafaelli (University of York), Michael Hardman (University of Salford), Jonathan Baker (Collingwood Environmental Planning), Jayne Glass (University of the Highlands and Islands), Karen Leach (Localise West Midlands), Richard Wakeford (Birmingham City University), Mark Reed (Birmingham City University), Mike Grace (Natural England), Tim Sunderland (Natural England), Ruth Waters (Natural England), Ron Corstanje (Cranfield University), Ryan Glass (Big Toe Design), Nick Grayson (Birmingham City Council), Jim Harris (Cranfield University) & Antony Taft (Birmingham City University)

Client: Natural Environment Research Council (NERC)

Published: June 2014


Oliver Hölzinger, CEEP owner, was co-author of  Work Package 10 output: Tools: Applications, Benefits and Linkages for Ecosystems (TABLES). This Research formed part of the major UK National Ecosystem Assessment Follow-On (UK NEAFO) research project.

Over an 18 month period, the TABLES project has worked at the interface of research, policy and practice, crossing different disciplines, sectors and professions, to embed the value of nature more effectively into policies, programmes, plans or projects and thus improve decision – making processes and outcomes. Our main focus has been on translating the 12 principles of the Ecosystem Approach into comprehensive advice within which a set of tools can utilise an Ecosystem Services Framework. The interdisciplinary TABLES team, consisting of academics, professionals in practice, community members and policy makers, championed co-production and social learning strategies using member expertise and experience within diverse case studies. These span the environment, business, local community and planning sectors; all of which are trying to mainstream an Ecosystem Approach to some extent. The project addresses the recommendations of the UK National Ecosystem Assessment to integrate ecosystem services and the wider values of the natural environment within a context of policy and decision-making and tools leading to “a superior basis for future decision-making”.


UK National Ecosystem Assessment Follow-On (NEAFO) – Work Package 10 (TABLES) Report (external pdf, 3.2mb)

UK NEAFO Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) Review (external pdf, 0.8mb)