December 1, 2020

An Eco-metric Approach to Growing Natural Capital

Authors: Alison Smith (University of Oxford), Pam Berry (University of Oxford), Rob Dunford (University of Oxford), Oliver Hölzinger (CEEP), Bruce Howard (Ecosystems Knowledge Network), Lisa Norton (Centre for Ecology and Hydrology), Jon Sadler (University of Birmingham) and Alister Scott (University of Northumbria)

Client: Natural England

Report to Natural England (Unpublished): April 2018


CEEP contributed to the development of Natural England’s new eco-metric approach. The eco-metric approach sits within the biodiversity mitigation hierarchy and will be an add-on to the Defra biodiversity metric. Delivering net gain in biodiversity will remain the primary aim, but once this has been assured the eco-metric can then be used as a supplementary tool to optimise the delivery of wider natural capital benefits and minimise any negative impacts. It is intended as a supplementary tool within a suite of other approaches, including a full EIA (where required) and more detailed studies of impacts, such as flood risk or air quality, where necessary.