December 1, 2020

Natural Capital Planning Tool (NCPT)

NCPT Creator & Developer: Oliver Hölzinger (CEEP & University of Birmingham)

Core Project Team & Partners: Oliver Hölzinger (CEEP & University of Birmingham), Jon Sadler (University of Birmingham), Alister Scott (Northumbria University), Nick Grayson (Birmingham City Council) & Pat Laughlin (UK BCSD)

Funders: NERC & RICS

Published: March 2018


The Natural Capital Planning Tool (NCPT) is a free site assessment tool for the planning context and has been created and developed by Oliver Hölzinger, the face behind CEEP.

The NCPT allows the indicative but systematic assessment of the likely impact of proposed plans and developments on Natural Capital and the ecosystem services it provides to people such as recreational opportunities, air quality regulation and climate regulation.

The NCPT was designed as a fit-for-purpose Excel tool which can be applied by non-specialists and in a short period of time; acknowledging the time- and resource constrains planners and developers face in everyday practice. NCPT assessments are also available as a service directly by the tool developer Oliver. Because the NCPT can be applied very quickly, related services can be offered at very competitive rates.

More information about the NCPT and related services provided by CEEP  can be accessed via


The NCPT as well as guidance, info material and much more can be accessed from the NCPT download page.