December 1, 2020

Cornwall AONB Natural Capital Assessment

Authors: Oliver Hölzinger (CEEP) & Pat Laughlin (UK BCSD)

Client: The Cornwall AONB Unit

Published: Januar 2017


This Natural Capital Assessment was created to establish a shared understanding and vision for Natural Capital management in the Cornwall Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) for the benefit of businesses, people and wildlife alike.

The assessment has revealed that Natural Capital assets within the Cornwall AONB are of particular importance to the local economy because many sectors including the thriving tourism industry are heavily dependent on healthy and functioning Natural Capital assets which provide us with a sustainable flow of ecosystem services such as aesthetic values, recreational opportunities, food provision, biodiversity, health benefits as well as the regulation of flooding events, air quality and climate; and many more.

A trial economic case study for the Godrevy to Portreath section of the AONB has been undertaken, resulting in a value of just under £21 million (£13.5m carbon stock + £7.5m capitalised ecosystem services flow value). This shows just how important Natural Capital is for people’s wellbeing. And this is very much a baseline value because only few ecosystem services provided by few Natural Capital assets (covering only 20% of the Godrevy to Portreath section) were quantified. The real value of Natural Capital in the section is probably magnitudes higher.


Cornwall AONB Natural Capital Assessment 2017 – Executive Summary (pdf, 0.2mb)

Cornwall AONB Natural Capital Assessment 2017 – Main Report (pdf, 1.7mb)

Cornwall AONB Natural Capital Assessment 2017 – Technical Appendices (pdf, 1.1mb)