December 1, 2020

The Economic Value of Gwen Finch Wetland Reserve

Authors: Oliver Hölzinger (CEEP) & David Dench (Warwickshire Wildlife Trust)

Client: Worchestershire Wildlife Trust

Published: November 2011


The present valuation case study evaluates the value of ecosystem services provided by Gwen Finch Wetland Reserve in Worcestershire. Stating the best guess, services the habitat provides such as flood control, water quality improvement, recreation and biodiversity can be valued at more than £60,000 annually or £3,150,000 capitalised. Comparing the costs of less than £500,000 for site creation and £3,400 annual management costs a cost-benefit analysis results in a positive assessment of the project. The capitalised net benefits provided by Gwen Finch Wetland Reserve add up to £2,398,587; considering all costs and benefits. In 2016 the initial one-off investment will have been paid back. In other words: In 2016 the investment in Gwen Finch Wetland Reserve will turn cost-effective and will have an annual net return on investment what means that the investment is rewarding.


The Economic Evaluation of Gwen Finch Wetland Reserve (pdf, 1.0mb)