December 1, 2020

UK NEAFO Corporate Ecosystem Valuation (CEV) Guidance

Author: Oliver Hölzinger (CEEP)

Client: Birmingham City University

Published: June 2014


The purpose of this guidance is to provide an easily accessible introduction to CEV as well as technical advice and relevant information for those who are undertaking a CEV in the UK. Therefore the guidance is divided in a practical and a technical part. The practical part (page 1-4) is aimed for business representatives and provides a short introduction to CEV including a one-page summary. This should help you identify whether undertaking a CEV is helpful or necessary. It can also be used to champion the tool and the application of CEV internally. The technical part (page 5-8) is aimed for specialists undertaking a CEV. It offers relevant resources as well as best practice recommendations of how to apply a CEV in the UK.


UK National Ecosystem Assessment Follow-On (NEAFO): Corporate Ecosystem Valuation (CEV) Guidance (external pdf, 0.9mb)