MCM Bham Multiple Challenge Map for Birmingham - Ecosystem Services Supply and Demand Maps
Client: Birmingham City Council
Publication Date: September 2013
Authors: Oliver Hölzinger (CEEP), Nick Tringham (Birmingham City Council), Nick Grayson (Birmingham City Council) & Richard Coles (Birmingham City University)



Thi study has been published as Appendix 2 of the Green Living Spaces Plan for Birmingham 2013 and provides a global first. The purpose of the project was to evaluate the supply of; and demand for important ecosystem services at the city scale. Ecosystem services are "the benefits people obtain from ecosystems". For the purpose of this investigation, only those ecosystem services have been mapped where the potential impact of local planning is considered to be the greatest. Ecosystem Services evaluated within this investigation include biodiversity, recreation, aesthetic values & sense of place, education, local climate regulation and flood risk regulation. Plans have been produced to serve decision-makers, planners, and other delivering organisations (1) to prioritise areas where the demand for ecosystem services can't be sufficiently satisfied (high demand and/or low supply), locally referred to as 'hotspots'; and (2) locations where ecosystem services exist which are providing a very high value of benefits across a wide range of ecosystem services (low demand and/or high supply).

The former indicate areas of Birmingham where a specific need for the future creation and/or improvement of green and blue infrastructure will be most effective to satisfy human needs. The latter indicates areas of Birmingham where existing green infrastructure is very valuable and may require specific protection/measures – short of formal designation, (if not already so protected). To produce the maps in this report, a new framework has been developed. Several data sources have been used and manipulated and many experts from local universities, agencies, and other relevant organisations have been consulted. The whole project can be seen as an innovative, but also experimental approach to inform decision-making. A detailed description how the maps can and can't be used is outlined in Chapter 7 of this report; and pages 26-29 of the Green Living Spaces Plan for Birmingham.


Multiple Challenge Map for Birmingham - Ecosystem Services Supply and Demand Maps