evaluation report - es in wts Survey into the Knowledge, Use & Demand for the 'Ecosystem Services Approach' within the Wildlife Trusts Movement
Client: The Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts (RSWT)
Project Finished: December 2011
Author: Oliver Hölzinger (CEEP)



The mainstream of UK environmental policy is paying increasing attention to ecosystem services approaches, and the question arises whether the Wildlife Trusts are prepared for expected policy changes. The goal of this survey was to find out how well-founded the information basis of the 'ecosystem services approach' is amongst the Wildlife Trust movement. A Questionnaire was devised to secure information about ecosystem services knowledge, ecosystem services language and terminology, and the demand for related work. Views on what the next steps should be were also sought. The questionnaire was circulated to all 47 Wildlife Trusts. The findings have been outlined in an evaluation report (unpublished).

In addition, a Wildlife Trust Ecosystem Services Network (WTESN) has been established by gathering contact details of members of staff, volunteers and placements, and other close contacts with specific knowledge of or interest in the ecosystem services approach and its economic valuation.