About CEEP

CEEP - the Consultancy for Environmental Economics & Policy is based in Birmingham and has been established in 2011. Since then CEEP provides several services including ecosystem assessments, (corporate) ecosystem valuation, cost-benefit analysis for projects with environmental impacts, mapping of ecosystem services demand and supply, monitoring and evaluation of environmental projects, and interdisciplinary knowledge transfer. Main aim is to implement the value of ecosystems in practical decision-making and environmental management.

CEEP is prime quality
CEEP provides a very high standard of quality - always. If the service demanded cannot be provided, CEEP tells you and does not try to provide useless outcomes.

CEEP is scientific
CEEP works academically and matches highest scientific standards. Amongst others CEEP works together with the University of Birmingham, Birmingham City University and the UK National Ecosystem Assessment network. However, it is important to keep outcomes and publications understandable for the target audience and the wider public. That this is achievable can be demonstrated by recent Publications.

CEEP is independent
One self-understanding of CEEP is independence and transparency. CEEP is not willing to manipulate findings to please a client or someone else. This makes the outcomes very robust and resilient.

CEEP is flexible
Depending on your demands, CEEP can either provide small case studies or manage and coordinate large scale research projects with several partners. Where appropriate CEEP will administer and work together with partners and specialist or will meditate stakeholder interests.

CEEP is networked
Because interdisciplinary research is crucial for this subject matter CEEP is well networked with universities, government institutions, NGOs, businesses and other relevant stakeholder groups around the UK and Europe. Amongst others CEEP is member of the Valuing Nature Network (VNN), the Natural Capital Initiative (NCI) and the UK Business Council for Sustainable Development (BCSD-UK) Corporate Ecosystem Valuation (CEV) task force. This enables CEEP to supply the best service for you from a single hand.

CEEP is Oliver Hölzinger
Oliver Hölzinger is a freelance environmental economist and the face behind CEEP. He is also part-time PhD researcher at the School for Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Birmingham. More about him and a list of his publications can be found here.