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CEEP is specialised in assessing and valuing natural capital and ecosystem services such as biodiversity, recreation, flood risk regulation and climate regulation. The goods and services nature provides are crucial to economic prosperity and human health and wellbeing but constantly undervalued or neglected in policy- and decision-making. This undervaluation leads to poor decisions affecting the environment resulting in a significant decline in the provision of ecosystem services which can be a serious threat to economic prosperty and sustainable development. CEEP is specialised on revealing the true value of ecosystem services (in monetary and non-monetary terms) and implementing such values into policy-design and (corporate) decision-making.
We depend on the goods and services our environment provides, so called ecosystem services, in many ways. Ecosystems provide us with goods like timber, food and energy. They provide a pleasent amenity and valuable settings for recreation which significantly contributes to our physical and menthal health. Ecosystems protect us from flooding events and clean our air and water. Green infrastructure also mitigates climate change by storing carbon and helps to adapt to the irreversible impacts of climate change by cooling down built up areas during the summer and especially during heatwaves. If we fail to better protect these valuable assets a sustainable future is impossible. By implementing the true value of ecosystem services into our decisions we can also often provide the goods and services humans and businesses need in a more efficient way.
CEEP can help you to indentify the ecosystem services that are most important to your organisation, reveal what the value of these services is, assess how these services will change in the future and how this can affect your organisation and other stakeholders. CEEP can also help you to shape policies and implement/develop tools to improve decision-making whenever ecosystem services are affected. To find out more about our services click here or contact CEEP.